Starting an Internet Business: Knowing Your Competitors

Keeping  Afloat In The Tight Competition |

When starting an internet business it is important to know you competitors. In our previous article, we unwrapped the importance of knowing your target market and what it can do for the success of your online business.How To Get Ahead of The Competition When Starting An Internet Business

Today, let’s analyze another important factor to help you get ahead of the game and that is to know your business competition. How has competition changed over the years? and what can  you do to outsmart other s who are in your same niche.

Having an idea of how your competitors do business gives you a fair advantage on your online success because you are given a chance to study and strategize based on your competitor’s success and failures. But over the course of years the competition online has change dramatically. And if you want your business to stay afloat in a big swarm of online businesses competing against each other you have to learn the proper strokes for current times.

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Online Competition- Before

In the past, launching a website for your business was easy. There was little or no competition for the choice of keywords you used. There was very little relevant content available for what the customer were looking for. Many of your competitors might have even developed their own business websites, but online searchers could still easily manage to find the products or services that you offer.

During those days, most businesses were relatively more focused on traditional marketing, and it never occurred to them to launch a digital marketing. Only a small percentage of these businesses embraced the internet as a means to market their products and services more effectively. And for those businesses that did, only a few of them understood the principles and rules required to get their website on better standing especially on the search engine result pages (SEPR’s).

The Change In Competition

Fast forward to this time; The age of tablets s and smartphones, times have change dramatically and we are now living in a digital connected world. Online purchase has been so popular that it seems like every type of business imaginable has a website of its own. You can also find an endless list of web developers which can help build you great looking sites at a cheap price. There are also many businesses who are already realizing the power of digital marketing including social media marketing and how their business could benefit from it.

Because of this realization, the web has become a very crowded place, so crowded that the biggest search engine, Google, has passed the one trillion mark for indexed pages. For these reasons, online businesses competes head to head to survive and to gain a spot in the top ten positions on the search engine result pages. It’s becoming extremely tough to maintain your rank with the heat of the completion, and gaining a few pages up or viral mentions on various social media channels like, Twitter and Facebook, can be worth millions.

 How Do You Make Yourself More Visible In The Crowd?

With Google making new algorithm changes from time to time, we need to be more creative in trying new ideas that will work . One of these ideas is to implement an effective digital marketing strategy that goes hand in hand with the proper handling of your social media marketing campaign. The best thing is, over the years, after all the updates and tweaks major search engine’s has undergone, there is one thing that has remained unchanged—content is still king.

While many gurus from various social media will tell you that ”conversation is king”, it helps in a way but in order to have a good conversation online, you need to have a quality content to be shared. Online content still plays a crucial role on your online success because the most relevant content will be shown to the person looking for it.

How Do You Compete Better Online?

We have an idea of how really competitive it is online, but when it comes to marketing your products or services online, do you know who your competition is on the web? Are your direct competitors the only one you are competing against or there is more to this game? You should know that you are not only competing directly against your direct competitors, but also with all the conversation and topics taking place online that relates to your products or services. You need to set a good social networking campaign for you to engage better and compete with all the conversation taking place on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, social bookmarking, blogging and other social networking channels.

If you still haven’t come up with a good strategy in place to work in hand with the right content to promote your products or services, start researching and develop a strategic plan for your campaign, this way your content can be found first when others are looking for it. Your online competitors might already initialize their moves to stay afloat, join them and do it better.

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