Send a Secure Email For Free

How do you send sensitive data like credit card information, passwords, secret codes via email?

On line Email encryption services
On line Email encryption services

Free On-line Email Encryption Services

I neeed to send a secure email so I did a short investigation and came up with these 2 Free Online Email Encyption Services plus 2 more gmail/ firefox alternatives for encrypting your own messages..

You’ll notice that these services have an “https” prefix which means that they are secure sites.


I’m using this service.  It’s my first choice since it requires no software installation and is easy to use. I also like their easy account set-up which is free. Once you enter  your email address it automatically detects if you have an account and helps you to set it up if you don’t have one. . You can find more information about it from Mashable at HOW TO: Send Top Secret, Highly Classified Email Over the Web


This website is just as good and easy to use as the previous. You can find more information about it at LifeHacker at Send Encrypted Emails Easily with Lockbin

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Is your email information secure?

Gmail/ Firefox Alternatives for Email Encryption

Gmail Encrypt

You can encypt messages yourself using the Greasemonkey script called Gmail Encrypt. This  plugin adds encryption to the emails you write in Gmail. I use gmail. so this is a great alternative. This is for Firefox users which is my preferred web browser. You’ll need to install the Greasemonkey Script first. Then you can install this extensiion.


This firefox extension adds GPG encryption to your Gmail account. In order to use this extension you’ll have to first install  the  GPG (GNU Privacy Guard) on your computer. When you go the FireGPG install page. They’ll provide more information and links on this email encryption service for gmail.

I’ve added these  free secure email encryption services to my ever growing list list of internet business resources here.