How To Send Blog Content via Email using Aweber

How do you automatically send out your blog content to  your email subscribers?automatically send out your blog content to  your email subscribers

One of my customers just asked me this question about email marketing and it is a good one.

Automating components of your internet business will prove to be one of your biggest keys to success.

I automatically send my blog posts to multiple recipients as soon as I publish them using an autoresponder service called aweber.

Email Marketing Using Aweber

I love aweber. It’s one of the single most assets to my internet business.

how to send blog content via email.


It not only allows me to capture names and email addresses but it also allows me to send the person interested in my content valuable information on autopilot.

Setting Up Blog Broadcasts Using Aweber

One of the easiest ways that I send information to my subscribers is by setting up a blog broadcast on aweber. This option allows me to send automated emails, plus automatic Twitter and Facebook posts.

Here’s how to set up your blog broadcast:

1. log in to your new aweber account (try it for $1 here)

2. Go to the list you created if you have created multiple list (click on the arrow next to “current list”)

3. From your user control panel hover over “messages” and then click on the drop down that says “blog broadcast”

4. click on the button, “create a new blog broadcast”

5. Enter Your RSS Feed URL

6. Choose the basic template then click on the button “load template”

7. Fill in  your desired options. I have mine set like this:

  • Send Time: Send broadcast “immediately”
  •  How Often Should We Send Your Blog Broadcasts?  When number of new items is at least 1  Send Automatically
  • Track Clicks?  (yes i checked it) Track clicks on website links in this message.
  •  Social Media / Sharing – Enable Sharing / Social Media – I entered my information twitter and face book
  • I also have quick check notifications checked

8. Preview and save your new blog broadcast.

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