Why I Purchased Premium Viral Magnet

Today I purchased Premium Viral Magnet.

This WordPress plugin allows you to create a reward system for your visitors and subscribers. There is some similar software available but this one is  far different because it allows visitors to choose how they want to promote you. The more options you provide, the better your viral marketing campaigns.

You can integrate it with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Facebook.

So Why Did I Buy Premium Viral Magnet?

3 reasons…

1. Because I Want More Traffic and Visitors

I’ve already described what the plugin does.

If you’re an online marketer, you always need to generate consistent traffic to your site on a daily basis. Once visitors arrive at your site, a percentage of them become your subscribers/leads.  This is called constant lead generation, and every successful business always have some kind of lead generation system in place.

Rewarding visitors and subscribers for promoting your website is an effective strategy. Personal recommendations are far better than cold calling. So if someone who likes the information they receive from tells their friends about my resources then we all can benefit.

Remember a good deal is NOT a good deal UNLESS EVERYONE Benefits.

Using Rewards systems creates win-win deals.

Watch a Video About How To Get More Traffic and Visitors Using Premium Viral Magnet

2. Because I’ve Already Purchased All of “Get Profits Fast” Other Products

You may already know I use the Profits Theme by “Get Profits Fast” on my www.BloggingWithPurpose.com website. (I provide a free 31 day course on how to make money online here)

I also use Premium List Magnet for the pop-ups on this website.

In fact, I endorse all of the products by Welly Mulia (the person behind Get Profits Fast).

He’s one of the few people I endorse because of his excellent software and superb customer support program. Because I can rely on the software and  have the assurance that I can get fast knowledgable support for his products I will continue to purchase from” Get Profits Fast”.

That’s why I endorse Welly’s next software.

Get The Quality WordPress plug-in called Premium Viral Magnet Now

3. Because of the Low Price

As with his previous software, people are going to jump in on this because:

  • PVM solves a very common problem — not enough traffic and hence not enough subscribers
  • Welly has a reputation for developing and delivering only high quality software that actually solves people’s problems
  • His customer support is top-notch
  • There is a 40% time-sensitive discount

 You can get premium viral magnet here

Why I Recommend Premium Viral Magnet To You

I DID purchase this software for myself.

That’s why I recommend it to you. Here’s proof that I purchased:

proof I purchased premium list magnet


Once you purchase the software there will 2 upsell offers.

Here’s what I think of the 2 offers:

1.The first one is Premium Viral Magnet Club, which sells at a discounted price of $17/month (regular price is $37/month).

This is a club where every month members get new premium landing page (squeeze page, sales page) templates that they can use on their Premium Viral Magnet site.

My response: I will NOT accept this offer because I can build my own squeeze pages using their software.

2. The second OTO is Premium List Magnet, which sells at a discounted price of $47 (regular price is $67).

My response: I already have this software and use it on my main website at Real Life Purpose.com.

I DO recommend it if you don’t already have it.

I hope this information helps you to make a good decision about purchasing premium viral magnet.

Also, please realize this is not another push-button magic traffic software yet again.  You still need to put in work in the early stages, but once it takes off – that’s it! You literally don’t have to do any more “traffic-generating” work.

If you need traffic this is a good solution.

To Your Success,


PS. You do know that push-button magic solutions do not exist right? Stop living in fantasy land, wake up to reality, and start doing things “smartly” from now on…

I make an affiliate commission if you purchase using any link in this article.