Promoting Affiliate Products (part 2- Free Opt-in Template)

In my previous article on Getting started promoting affiliate products I covered website hosting, domain names and auto responders as a prerequisite to uploading a webpage. Today I want to give you some free tools to that will enable you to promote affiliate products and at the same time build your mailing list.

Tools for uploading your webpage

You will need a few tools to upload a webpage. Let’s see if we can do this at no cost.

I’ve already  listed a these tools in my most recent article called Free and Low Cost Web Pages, Blogs, FTP’s, and HTML Editors.

I mentioned a free option called Blinkweb in a my previous post on Free and Low Cost web pages. This is an online tool to help you plug in your information to create your first website. This is a very simple tool that could help you format your first site. If you decide to go with it then you don’t need to follow all the steps that I am providing in this article.

Let’s try and keep it as simple as possible. Try out Kompozer. This is a free option for designing your first site. This software is open source and many have compared it to the more expensive options such as Dreamweaver. It’s a definite possibility to get started for free.

Download Kompozer

This will also give you a little more control over your site design since I am going to provide you with a free form for your website…

A Free Tool to Capture Email Addresses

Free Opt-in Templates
Free Opt-in Templates

A good opt-in page makes all the difference in the world. I sell a complete set of opt-in templates at Real Opt-in for only $10.00. My  optin collection includes the optin template that you see on this page.

I want to give you this simple template. It has been proven to work in many niches. Download your optin template here.

After downloading and Installing Kompozer you will want to customize your lead generating page.

There are a few essential things that you will want to do to make your opt-in page more useful.

  1. Editing the title and subtitle. Your headline must grab the visitors attention. This is one of the most important features on the page and is an entire lesson in itself.
  2. Provide a list of benefits for signing up to your mailing list in the bullets
  3. Provide a clear call to action. The visitor must understand exactly what he is getting and he should be told explicitly what to do.
  4. Give the person a reason to opt-in to your list. Perhaps you could provide a free report.
  5. Add your aWeber. form code to the optin box
  6. Provide a contact information, a privacy policy and a home page address in the links at the bottom of the page.
  7. Upload a thank you page
  8. Put up a download page for the free report
  9. Work on the autoresponder emails.

After you’ve finished customizing the information for your particular product or website you’ll want to upload the file to your website. If this is your first webpage for the site,, make sure that the optin page is titled as “index.html”. You’ll want to do this because this is the first page that a visitor will arrive at when he comes to your website. The first page of any domain is usually always “index.html”

Make sure you have your web hosting information in front of you.  You will need your website address along with your username and password to upload using “Publish” button at the top of Kompozer.

This is a brief explantion of putting up your web page. It may a take a little while to become familiar with some of the programs I’ve listed in this article. The important thing is that you start somewhere.

To Real Business Success With Life Purpose,