KISSing is the #1 Strategy When Starting an Internet Business

Starting an internet business should be simple, that’s why KISSing is my number one internet business strategy.Let's KISS and Tell About Making Money

I love to KISS. Kissing just comes natural. It’s really not that complicated. Just pucker up and plant a big juicy one on somebody you care about.

When it comes to starting an internet business if, you really want to make a big impression on  your prospect then you’ll KISS them.

I’ve seen many people who have severely overcomplicated the process of making money blogging. One reason is that we all feel that something we struggle with is worth more than something that comes easily. Sounds kind of strange, but it’s true.

Keep Your Internet Business Strategy Super Simple

My advice is not to go overboard, just follow the KISS principle –  Keep It Super Simple or another way to put it is:

“Keep It Simple Stupid!”

Please don’t feel offended when Isay stupid. When it comes to stupid, sometimes I feel like I’m at the top of the pack.

New and seasoned marketers sometimes fall into the stupid category. I once heard it said that you don’t have to be smart to be successful, you just need to have a simple purpose and a plan to achieve it.  That means that there is hope as long as we have an effective internet business strategy. We need to KISS more often.

This website is designed to help you have purpose in your internet business that’s why I stress KISSing and simplicity often.

How To Use the KISS Principle to Start An Internet BusinessKISS | Keep It Simple Stupid When You Start An Internet Business

My One-line strategy to make money blogging in my internet business is:

Find your niche. Get Traffic to your Website. Monetize through yours and other people’s products.

That’s how I KISS. It’s a simple, but effective internet business plan.

If you look at the different subjects that I’ve set up on this blog you’ll see that I focus on these simple fundamentals (click on the links for more information on the subject)

1. Find your niche
2. Build your website using a wordpress blog
3. Drive Traffic
4.  Build a List.
5. Make an Offer and Make money

So Find your purpose, get traffic to your website and monetize . It’s that simple. That’s why I encourage you to “keep on KISSing” i.e. keep on keeping it super simple.

That’s exactly what I do in my internet business.

Here’s a Super Simple Strategy To Help You Start Your Internet Business…

A lot of people ask me to KISS them. They want a simple way to start making money on the internet. After I realized that they really didn’t want me to literally lay my lips on them I came up with a super simple internet business strategy.

It’s a 31 day course that lays out how to start making money using a wordpress blog. I’ve made it simple by using bite sized daily emails delievered daily during a months time. After follwing the steps by step process in my emails you’ll be well on your way to maiking money online.

This super simple step by step method to start an internet business is Free and you can get more information and sign up for the E-Course at