Good Christian Affiliate Programs

I was recently asked this question by my good Christian friend  Günther on one of my related Q and A articles:

What good CHRISTIAN QUALITY affiliate programs can you recommend. I don’t  mean just any christian program. But programs which have the potential to change peoples lives  and draw them closer to our Lord Jesus.”

As far as an affiliate program that can draw people to Christ I don’t know of any. There are some great online ministries that ore non-profit that will do so however.

I do know about life change and “Lifestyle change”.

My life has dramatically changed since I started making money on the internet.I’ve listed a few products below that deal with Christian Financial freedom, Making money on the internet and Getting out of debt. Having finances to do the ministry that you’ve always wanted to do will definitely change your life.

First, allow me address what makes up a good affiliate program.

For me to call a product “good ” and more specifically to say that it has a “good affiliate program” it must contain the following components:

Good Sales Materials– The copy must be professional, The Graphics should be attractive and the overall presentation of presenting the product to a customer must be professional. I’m tired of Christians having the least attractive products.

Good Conversions- All of the good sales materials and presentations in the world are worth ZILCH, NADA NOTHING, if the product isn’t converting into a sale.  People have to be actually buying the product for it to be good. Why should we waste our time promoting a product that nobodies buying?

Good Profits- Can you make a profit with the product? It’s no good if you’re not making a profit. Some affiliate programs make some really nice promises. The may even be making sales, but are you actually making money. If you’re only making 3 to 10% profits on the sale of an item, there has to be a large volume of sales for you to actually make any money.

There are far to few GOOD Christian affiliate programs.

I’m sure there are a LOT of Christian products online.  I haven’t bought many of them online, but I’m sure they’re out there.  So when I say that there aren’t many that are GOOD I’m more than anything commenting on the ones which are likely good  but  don’t have very good sales materials for them

Recommended Good Christian Affiliate Programs

The following is my list of the chosen few good Christian affiliate programs. You’ll make at least 60% profit on each product sold.I can only make this list based on my own own experience. That means actually trying out or purchasing the products:

Step-By-Step Christian Plan to Eliminate Your Debts and Save for Retirement...while still giving and sharing cheerfully with your church and those in need
Step-By-Step Christian Plan to Eliminate Your Debts and Save for Retirement...while still giving and sharing cheerfully with your church and those in need

The Complete Practical Guide To Christian Financial Freedom-

Terry Dean is the only person that I can personally vouch for. He has a great Christian product in which he’s giving more than enough bonuses away just because he wants to help Christians.

You’ll Discover Practical Biblical Secrets to Becoming FREE From Debt… Achieving True Financial Freedom…  And Walking In God’s Blessings From This Day Forward with his step by step Christian advice.

He also provides affiliate materials on his website with complete instructions on how to use them.

Note- You shouldn’t purchase products for yourself using you own affiliate links. That’s double-dipping and against most affiliate policies.. My links on this web page are affiliate links so if you haven’t purchased this product please do so now using the following link:

I use my internet business to support our missions activities. You’ll be benefiting yourself and missions when you purchase Terry Deans’ Guide To Christian Financial Freedom using the links on this website.

Terry Dean gives some very in depth information on Christian finances at a very good price.

Click Here To Purchase Terry Dean’s Christian Financial Freedom Guide and then sign up to become an affiliate

Biblical Success System
Biblical Success System

Success His Way

My Biblical Success System located at is also a good financial tool. It covers finances and a brief introduction to Internet businesses. It Is more of a Financial Freedom product and helps you change your lifestyle through Christian Success principles.

View this related article or    Visit Success His

I also provide affiliate resources including images, and a special downloadable ebook which you can brand and give out freely to your friends and email acquaintances.

It’s called “Wealth Secrets of the Bible”

I provide complete instructions on rebranding this ebook which is especially beneficial for affiliates.

If you would like a copy of  the rebrandable  version of “Wealth Secrets of The Bible”  please visit  the Success His Way Affiliate  Resource Page to get your copy free of charge.

Twitter Resource Guide

Stephen Pierce is a Christian but I personally haven’t read his materials, so I can’t vouch for him completely yet. Although I do like what I see. Stephen Pierce provides a free ebook on twitter tools and I’ve added this free downloadble ebook from him on  my social-networks-resources page. Scroll down till you get to the “Twitter Resource Guide”

Twiiter Reources Guide
Twiiter Reources Guide

Or click on the following link to download the free Twitter Resource Guide- 201 FREE Twitter Tools and Twitter Apps (752)

Do you want more Good  Christian Affiliate Programs

I don’t know of any more.. .

Because for me to call it a “good affiliate program” means it must have good sales materials, get a good conversion, and be profitable.  I don’t know of any  more of the Christian products who qualify for that. However…

Maybe you’ll be the person who can put one out.

We could always use more quality Christian products and if God lays it upon your heart to put one out please be sure and follow the guidelines that I´ve outlined in this article. I´d love to promote your product, especially if it is good, and I´m sure others would also benefit from being an affiliate with you.

God Bless you and your internet business activities,