Free Linux Ubuntu Magazine

If you read my last article on How To Use Ubuntu 9.10 For Your Internet Business you may be interested in this resource. It’s a magazine dedicated to Linux Ubuntu. It’s available for download at Full Circle The best part is that it’s free.fclogo

After reading the latest issue I found it interesting enough to share it with you.  True to the Ubuntu format of providing a quality resources at no cost, this magazine is chock full of quality information.

This months 37 page issue of Full Circle Magazine includes the following articles:

  • Command and Conquer
  • How-To : Program in Python – Part 4, Applications for Bookworms,
  • Installing Base.
  • My Story – The Doctor Is In, Recording Porgy & Bess, Ubuntu
  • Reincarnates Pensioners Laptop
  • My Opinion – Acer Aspire One Distros
  • Review – Sony PRS-505 Ebook Reader
  • MOTU Interview – Thierry Carrez.
  • * Top 5 – Writing Applications.
  • * Ubuntu Women, Ubuntu Games and all the usual goodness!

Full Circle Magazine is an independent Magazine dedicated to the Ubuntu family of the Linux operating system. You can even submit your article to be published in the pdf magazine.

For More information visit this WIKI page:

To Download the Full Circle Magazine go to