How to Know if Your Dreams are God’s Dreams

Do you have dreams for internet business success?

In this series on Smart Marketing for Internet Business beginners it is my desire that you succeed in everything you do. Especially when it applies to your internet business.

I’ve prepared some sound advice to help you succeed in life and in your internet business. Just go through the tips and apply them to both your life and business and you’ll be well on your way to success.

Essential Components for Internet Business Success

You only need three things to become great success in life: Desire, Belief, and Action.

Unless you have enough desire for your dream, the other two won’t matter. But you have to first choose the dreams that you feel passionately about.

Many people get bogged down to the “How” without knowing that if the “Why” is right, the “How” will follow. Many of us are not successful because we don’t know our deepest desires.internet business success

Choosing Internet Business Success

So, how do you choose the dreams that spring from your soul?

When I was young I dreamed of becoming a productive scientist someday. I prepared academically for many years for that dream. But when I was doing my MSc biology thesis in Canada many years ago, I realized that the solitary life in a laboratory is not something I truly enjoy.

Few days after I graduated from my MSc, I was thrust into a management position. I never had any managerial experience before but I realized that management is what I truly enjoy. What many people see as headaches, I find challenging.

True Dreams for Success

There are superficial dreams and there are soul dreams. Some dreams die while others don’t. My childhood dream of becoming a scientist died while my dream of leading a big organization someday never dies.

Success In Marketing

When I was doing my PhD in The Netherlands, I felt discontent in my government career back home in The Philippines. I was advancing professionally but I was neglecting my financial health. It wasn’t therefore surprising when one day while browsing in a bookstore, a book entitled “Earn What You’re Worth” caught my attention. It was a book showcasing success stories in network marketing. The idea of helping others succeed as entrepreneurs I found attractive. That planted the seed in my heart for my dream business. But it wasn’t until after 10 years that I actually started doing it.

Why Dreams of Success Die

Why do some dreams die while others never do?

Here’s one answer.

Perhaps they don’t line up with God’s purpose for your life.

Finding Purpose in You Life and Business

Here are the 4 Signs your dreams could be God’s dream for your life…

Sign #1 -The Dream is Connected to the Values You Hold Most Dear

One of my dreams is to help employees become entrepreneurs through the business of network marketing and that dream reflects the most important values in my life – contribution and integrity.

Sign #2 – The Dream Must Draw You Closer to God

Four years ago, I left my government job of 20 years to pursue my entrepreneurial dream. I never expected it would be this long and difficult yet I never quit. I could not imagine having survived this long without the help of God.

Sign #3 – The Dream Must Bring You Joy

Life is not always smooth sailing but in spite of the storms, when you know that your dream is from God, you will be able to overcome all the storms. I am still far from attaining my goals in business but that doesn’t rob me of the joy in this entrepreneurial journey.

Sign #4 – The Dream Must Be Connected to Your Life Purpose

Few months ago, I took Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test and it confirmed what I knew even before. It showed my personality type as “Counselor”. I have a knack for emphatic listening. Although I can write, it is not my number #1 gift but emphatic listening is. I believe network marketing is perfect fit for me. John Milton Fogg, the leading authority in network marketing recognizes a recent development- “more and more, the people who are succeeding in this business are going to be the coaches.”

So, how do you know your life’s Purpose?

Your Core Gifts and Passions Will Lead You to Your Life Purpose

Many people still find it difficult discovering their life purpose. Many books have been written about it and among the most popular is Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life.

I would no longer make things more complicated. But if you come to think of it, your core gifts and passions will lead you to your life purpose.

Passion and Potential

Do you want to have internet business success?. Simply ask yourself two questions: Passion and Potential

Passion: What do you enjoy doing?

Potential: What do you do well?

You may not be able to discern your life purpose immediately but since life is a journey you will discover it as you go.

May your dreams come true…