Download This List of Emoticons and WordPress Smileys [Free PDF ]

I decided to add a little emotion to my website since emotion is a great copyrighting component. Sometimes it’s hard to get feeling across when you are only using words. Images are great because they break up long ramblings of words but you don’t have to rely solely on images to convey your thoughts.

Emoticons can convey your smile!
Emoticons can convey your smile!

Enter WordPress Emoticons.

Emoticons are also known as smileys. :-) Basically these smileys convey emotion 8) and brighten up your article as you are writing. 😛  The word “emoticon” is a portmanteau formed by combining the words emotion and icon. Emoticons convey a wide range of feelings. 💡 Emoticons can be used on your wordpress blog or in emails, social media sites such as twitter and facebook, and text messages.

Text emoticons/smileys are created by typing two or more punctuation marks.

For example, when you enter in this sequence of punctuation marks ; then then ) you get this smile emoticon:  😉

The most common smile emoticon is : then then ). :-)

You can also use a full text version which seems to be easier to remember, at least for me like this one : then smile then : :smile:

WordPress has a very informative codex page on emoticons or smileys as they call them.

The WordPress page on smileys is located at

This page tells you…

  • what to type to form an emticon
  • How turn emoticons on and off
  • How to troubleshoot emoticons
  • plus a lot more useful information

The Problem with Emoticons :(

Do you know why I don’t use emoticons more often? 😕

Simple . 😐

The problem with emoticons is they are hard to remember.  😯 Perhaps you have the same problem. 😡 If you are like me you need a simple resource for remembering  what all these punctuation marks and symbols mean. That’s why I wrote this article….

Free PDF Download Emoticons/ Smileys

I provide  Internet Business Resources for fun and profit on this website.  I decided to make a nice list of emoticons that I could place in front of me on my desktop to refer to when I needed to express emotion via an emoticon.

After making out 2 different emoticon pages as a referral guide to place on my desktop, I thought you may be able to benefit from them also.

Printable List of WordPress Emoticons/Smileys

The first page includes the most common wordpress smileys listed at

Here’s what the 1st page looks like:

free wordpress smiley pdf
free wordpress smiley pdf

You may download this emoticon resource using this link:

List of Wordpress Emoticons (1886)

Printable List of Most Used Emoticons

I also put together a cool little page with the some of the most often used emoticons.  😎 Most of these emoticons work well in e-mails and do not convert into a symbol like the previous list of wordpress emoticons. Here they are in alphabetical order:   @–)—-

0 :- )          angel, angelic

(:::[ ]:::)    band aid

x-(              bad

:-0             bored

:-/             confused, not sure, skeptical

*.o)           clowning around

\_/7         cup of coffee

%-)           cross-eyed, exhausted

:’-(            crying

<:-)          dunce

<0(?)<<  fish

@ –)—-    flower, rose

:-[             frowning, miserable

8 : -)         girl, woman

:-]             grinning

$-)           greedy

: -)             happy

:-{)           has a mustache

[ ]**       hugs an kisses

:-X           it’s a secret, lips are sealed

:-*            kiss

@ (*0*) @      koala bear

|-D           laughing out loud

(-:            left-handed writer

:-<           miserable, frowning

: (|)            monkey

<:3 )~      mouse

3:]            pet, cat, dog, cow

; -)            playful, winking

[:-]           robot

. \m/        rock out

: -(           sad, unhappy, upset

*<:-)        santa or party-goer

:-@          screaming

:-O           shouting

:->           smirk, joking, devilish

: -P         sticking tongue out

|-I            sleeping

: -o            talking

{{{}}}      thinking in over

:-&           tongue tied

: -o               uh-oh

:-#            wearing braces

{ : -)           wearing a toupee

B-)         wearing dark-rimmed glasses

[:-)           wearing earphones

:-{}          wearing lipstick

::-)            wearing regular glasses

😎           wearing sunglasses

: -) X         wearing a bow tie

8:-)          wizard

|-O           yawning

Download these Emoticons in PDF format:

List of Most Used Emoticons (973)

Internet Business Resources For Fun and Profit

I hope these lists of emoticons and smileys prove useful to you. Be sure and check out my resources page for more internet business resources for fun and profit. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to this blog by email because my next update will include a useful list of wordpress plugins that add emoticons to your blog.

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