Copywriting Spelling Errors & Grammer Goofs

When it comes to copyrighting, grammatical goofs and spelling errors can make you look really silly.

copwriting spelling errorsI often get un a hurray and makes some stupid misteaks when it comes to spellin.

Spell checkers sometimes mess the mark as you can see in thee exsamples:

  • your or you’re
  • it’s or its
  • there or they’re or their
  • affect or effect
  • then or than
  • lose o loose
  • complement or compliment
  • principle or principal

I once red a church announcement. The menistry intended to invite people to uttend the “Unveiling of Christ”

However, after a tragic mispell, they invited everyone to “Come See The Unveiling of Chris”. To make things worst, the Pastors wife was name Chris.

Here’s a few more grammatical goofs:

“I Speak English and Spinach

“Dear Sir or Madman,”

If you mend to send “Best Regards” with your name at the end of a message, make sure you don’t get in a hurry and write, “Best Retards

The following infograprahic has a few more tips butt before I i  finsh this artical I wont to ask you if you can find any spelling errrors or grammatical goofs.

Just let me know in the comment from below.
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