The Best Computer Operating Systems For An Internet Business

This is the first video in my free series called-

“Essential Tips To Boost Your Internet Business”

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If you are new to internet marketing and you want to start an Internet business what software do you need?

Let’s start at the beginning. Your New Computer. Today I’m going to cover…

“The Best Computer Operating Systems For An Internet Business”

  • This Internet Resource Works With Linux or UbuntuLinux – I use Ubuntu. It’s free.

Here’s a photo of my 3 computers with different operating systems:

Microsoft Windows, Linux Ubuntu, Apple Mac
My 3 Computer OS - Microsoft Windows, Linux Ubuntu, Apple IMac

My 3 Computer OS from left to right- Microsoft Windows Laptop, Linux Ubuntu with a Samsung Screen and the Apple IMac

My favorites?

I like the Linux system, I’m liking the MAC more and more, I still use the windows laptop because of software and I’m sure Google’s new system will rock.

At this point if I had to choose I’d go with my newest computer- The IMac because of the potential for better productivity.

Which computer OS do you like best?

In the next video I’m covering The Best Web Browsers for Internet Business Productivity