Christmas Gift Giving Tips

Christmas gift giving is a task that some look forward to and others dread.

I just wrote a valuable article on my missions blog called 25 Tips For Christmas Gift Giving.

Because these tips are so valuable I’ve decided to write a revised version to help you out in in your gift giving during this Holiday season.

After all Christmas gift giving really shouldn’t be considered as a task but rather a privilege.Christmas Gift Giving

Use Wisdom in Christmas Gift Giving

Use wisdom as to what to purchase, who to purchase for and how to buy items.  Then ask yourself, “Dos the person really want or need this gift?”

Give Gifts Based On The Resources You Have Available

If you have money, share with others by buying items they want or need.  If you are lacking in funds, don’t go into debt as a result of your gift giving activities.

Examine Why You Give Gifts

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you Give gifts because you love and care about someone?
  • Do you give to get something in return?
  • Do you give because you feel “obligated” because someone gave you a gift?

Can’t Think of What Gift to Give?

Ask yourself, “What does the person “need”?

Give gifts that mean something and improve peoples life and give based on quality, not cost.

25 Tips For Giving Gifts During Christmas

I’ve given you a few tips for Christmas gift giving.  I’ve listed 25 Tips for Christmas gift giving including how to give to the poor on my missions blog

Here’s on a couple more pieces of advice that aren’t listed on my other blog…

So No To “Imitation” Gifts

Don’t give away illegal music, videos, computer software, etc.

Here in Mexico where I live it is common practice amongst almost everyone to buy pirated copies of music , movies, WII and Xbox games, and almost anything else that can be copied. Mexico is trying to combat the problem of Pirateria with a popular tv ad that ends with this phrase…

“Comprar películas pirata se ven mal, pero tú como papá te ves mucho peor”

The translation ..” It looks bad when you buy pirated movies, but you as a parent look even worst.”

When it comes to Christmas gift giving that phrase would go like this…

“You might buy illegal items for yourself but imagine what others will think of you if you give them a pirated gift.

Gift Giving and Internet Business

I love giving gifts. I’ve decided to give away some “original” gifts to all subscribers to this blog. They’ll be sent out periodically during the Holiday season to everyone who subscribes to this blog by email.

Here’s my last tip..

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